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For those of us who put so much of ourselves into Omakase, it’s more than our work; it’s our home. And that’s how we try to welcome you—as a guest in a home we love, are proud of and are eager for you to love, too.
We want you to feel special when you’re here, we want you to expect that everything, every last detail, is taken care of for you, so that you are welcomed, relaxed and at ease. And most of all, happy.
That’s really what it is all about. We don’t want to impress you. We want to comfort you and make you happy.

16:00-19:00 Mat og vin opplevelse.
19:30- 22:00 Mat og vin opplevelse.
Sushi bar er open til 24:00 Onsdag-Lørdag

Omakase means "I trust you"

Omakase serves a style of sushi called Edomae sushi, Edomae which in Japanese derives from Edo = old name for Tokyo, mae = close.

This is the highest form of the art of sushi where the Itamae (chef) seeks to exploit the produce
they finds in their vicinity, and then present it as pure and simplistic as possible, as so to
enhance the natural flavour and texture of the produce.

“I seek to be faithful and true to the Japanese tradition, but with my own slightly
Nordic twist, I have dubbed my style Nor-Mae sushi” Roger Exclaims.

“90% of what I use is Norwegian produce, locally caught, and during the times when we are
closed (they are open only between Thursday- Saturday, with 1 seating each day),
I am actively working with fishermen, divers and fishmongers, so we together learn,
investigate and study the incredible diversity we have here on the west coast of Norway.”

– Itamae Roger


Luxury Travel Guide European Awards 2018 – Restaurant & Bar Awards Winner
Unique Dining Experience of the Year

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Telephone: +47 925 43 781

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